56K was founded in 2017 and has grown really fast based on recommendations and word of mouth. Apparently some people think we are good at what we do.

We are currently 28 consultants working with tailor-made and data-driven strategies within Digital Marketing, Analytics & Insights, Technology and Strategy. Early on, we managed to get a really senior team together. Today, 40% of us have worked in the industry for 8+ years and 70% for more than 4+ years. 

Our aim is to be the best in the industry and not the biggest, by being disruptive and delivering top class results for our clients. To be the best we believe in building a technical marketing agency since digital marketing is becoming more technical every year. Today we are flooded with the number of data sources and need to stitch together the data to automate insights, make smarter decisions and save time. This is why we have developers and encourage our consultants to learn Python and JavaScript.

As an agency we do not have any growth goals – never have and never will. Why? Simply because having a revenue goal will force you to bring in clients you might not want to work with. It will also force you to make compromises with recruitment since you need to fill the client hours. Once you are in this spiral you are compromising on quality. 

We are proud of what we do and would rather say no to new business. Doing outstanding deliveries for our clients and creating a great place to work will always be our top priority. We really love what we do and will never compromise on quality. 

Our Story

56K was founded in January 2017. In late 2016, Fredrik quit his job as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Caliroots to form 56K with Martin, Hampus and Hamish from iProspect. Fredrik was tired of building inhouse marketing teams because of bad agency experiences since 2012. Martin, Hampus and Hamish were tired of working at a large agency in a very large media network where quality never came first. The first 1.5 years we did not have a website and leads went directly to Fredrik spambox. When we won our first big pitch that we participated in, we celebrated with launching a website and buying a food store. Yes, it is true. 

Think a little bit different

In 2018 we bought a food store that we renovated. We saw that the rents for a bigger space in the city was very high and it didn’t seem smart to waste money on rent. As we have grown, we rented out desks and almost had our office for free. The office saves ut 1 msek per year that we can invest in employees, technology, fun stuff and company culture.

Another thing that saves us time and money is our IT infrastructure that is based on small cloud services with APIs. That enables us to build internal automation and increase our efficiency. Our client onboarding process is for example automated -> A signed contract creates client folders with the agreement on Google Drive, also creates a new project in our time reporting tool, then sends a message to the team on Slack and an email to the client with a onboarding form. We also push the client contact persons into our NPS survey tool to measure client happiness. 

Why work at 56K?

We have always quit our jobs when we have felt that our personal development has declined. That is why your personal development and happiness is our number one priority. We have created an employee development framework to map out your strengths and areas of improvement, to make it clear what it takes to go from junior or mid senior to senior consultant. 

We also believe in booking internal time for personal development, to learn new stuff and give you the best conditions to succeed. One example of that is our Lab Days where we block a whole Friday in your calendar. No client time or email. Just working on whatever you want to learn – it could be reading up on something, playing around with advanced formulas in sheets or getting support to start learning basic coding in Python or Javascript.

When it comes to happiness we have a Cultural Team of four people that identifies what our employees interests are and what they like to do. Then they create ongoing activities to build our culture and make sure we have a fun time at work.